Areej Rose Energy Capture 60 ml

LE 385.00

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Areej Rose Energy Capture 60 ml

Body Aroma with rose

Enjoy this 100% natural warm, heart-centering, floral blend from the Queen of the Flowers that is known to encourage a feeling of well-being, as it has the potential to provide stress relief while focusing the mind.

Use of this blend may help to soothe various skin conditions, relieve muscle spasms, and provide headache relief.

Directions: Start your experience by deeply breathing in the aroma. Use as an all-over body moisturizer or as an aromatherapy boost throughout the day by applying to pulse points. Massage few drops onto damp skin after the shower or bath to help seal in moisture. Add two tablespoons to bath water for more hydrated, softer skin. Also, can be used for body massage.