Urban Ducks Golden Glow Shimmer Oil - 120 ML

LE 220

Urban Ducks Golden Glow Shimmer Oil - 120 ML


Show off natural-looking effervescence with the Golden Glow Shimmer Oil a skincare product enriched with natural oils. This versatile luminous oil will promote a more refreshed and glowing appearance. Formulated with vitamin E, B, and D, the oil will not only give you a shine but will also protect and hydrate your skin ensuring its health stays intact. Suitable for all skin types apply this product with a brush or your fingertips all over to achieve a sun-kissed glow.

How To Use 

Shake well before use. Apply to preferably damp skin. Massage thoroughly with a brush to distribute evenly. Layer up for a more intense glow.


A blend of jojoba oil and frankincense oil, vitamins B, D, and E.